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Welcome to Chishakwe's Real Life Safari

Updated: May 24, 2022

At Chishakwe every day is a real life safari.

If you are looking for the type of 5 star safari that comes with an ensuite jacuzzi, an on site gym, and a guarantee that you will leave with a certificate saying that you saw the Big 5 then a safari at Chishakwe is not for you. If you are looking for an authentic but comfortable experience in a uniquely Zimbabwean atmosphere and the opportunity to see any one (or all) of the Big 5 and learn more about a host of other animals and plants, then you will really enjoy a visit to Chishakwe.

Chishakwe is a part of the Save Valley Conservancy and straddles the head quarters of what was once the largest privately owned cattle ranch in the world, the famous Devuli Ranch. A number of roomy old ranch houses dating back to this time have been sensitively renovated so as not to lose their original relaxed Lowveld ambience. These houses provide the basis for Chishakwe's Home from Home safari experiences for self-catering guests. In addition Chishakwe boasts a tranquil safari camp, set a few kilometers away from the Devuli Head Quarters area, on the banks of the Msaize River.

Our primary business is habitat and wildlife conservation which we fund through safari tourism activities. We love sharing the natural bounty and tough, rugged beauty of the South East Lowveld with our guests.

Baobab Tree Silhouette, Chishakwe Ranch, South East Lowveld, Zimbabwe

If you are they type of traveller who likes to get to know the locals, to smell the dust settling at the end of a day and try out the local favourite foods and drinks then we really look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you too.

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