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About our Collection

We offer a collection of products which you may need on your stay or want to take back home with you. Situated next to the Chishakwe office, feel free to take a peek. Part of the shop is a gallery and the other half consists of fresh produce and basic food and snack items.

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Left something at home? We stock basic items incase of emergencies. Matches, bug sprays, salts and spices, we hope to have you covered. Snacks are also available for nibbling on while out watching the sunset.

Art & Crafts

Our art collection is inspired by the raw beauty of African nature. Promoting local artisans as best we can. There are a wide selection of handmade baskets, sculptures, paintings and frames. Lots of small souvenirs to slip into your luggage as well.

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Fresh Produce

A collection of fresh fruit and vegetables is available. Grown on site. Please enquire with your guide or housekeeper for the available produce in season, or make an order with the number below.

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