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Earth Day 2022

Updated: May 24, 2022

Earth Day was created in the spring of 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson in the United States. Today around 1 billion people in 193 countries around the world take part in Earth Day.

This year's theme is "Invest in our Planet".

For more on the many ways in which it is possible to invest in our planet and ergo all of our futures it is well worth taking a look at which is packed with interesting facts and useful information.

Another way to invest in our planet would be to make a donation to a group already directly working in an area which is making a difference to the health and biodiversity of our planet. There are many reputable organisations doing a great job in many different areas of conservation and parts of the world. Choose one that speaks to you personally. Of course, our own bias would be toward the overall conservation project of which we are a part; the Save Valley Conservancy or alternatively to the research and monitoring project which is based on Chishakwe, . If you would like our any further help or advice with making a donation to either organisation please do not hesitate to let us know.

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