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Chishakwe's Marula House: The Best Self Catered Safari

Named for and shaded by the large tree growing in the driveway area, outside the front door, Marula House is the most recently renovated and the largest house in the Home from Home category of best self catered safari accommodation options at Chishakwe.

The entry to Marula House at Chishakwe Safaris

Marula House is set on the Southern edge of the Headquarters area and has a large fenced garden and outdoor area with the vegetable garden and the orchard just behind it and to the side of it. The front of the house and the garden look out into the bush.

The house comfortably sleeps 12 people and the library/snug area has two sofa beds in it as well. A small cottage behind the house (next to the vegetable garden) can sleep another 3 people, bringing Marula House to a total of 17 if we use every bed option.

Our guests love the small grove of trees in the garden and can often be found sitting under the trees, cooking on the fire or enjoying a drink or two together.

Large and comfortable; Marula House is house for living and laughing, friends and families having a good time and relaxing together. Just as it has always been going back to cattle ranching days on Devuli almost a century ago.

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