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"Leap into Action: Celebrating Frogs on February 29th Leap Year Day"

Given that some frogs can leap over 20 times their own body length, Leap Year Day seems like a very appropriate day to celebrate frogs. This is the equivalent of a human being able to jump 30 meters. Scientists have studied frogs to try and find out how they do this and have realised that it is not a matter of strength, but a matter of technique and the way they coil and stretch their legs.

Apparently we are not the only ones who feel this way and a quick search of Leap Year Day images will bring up multiple froggy themed icons and graphics. What's not too love about a whole extra day in your year AND an abundance of frogs?

A hand drawn picture with frogs to celebrate Leap Year 2024
Happy Leap Year 2024! Enjoy the extra day!

Aside from their incredible leap ability, frogs are amazing creatures and are important indicators of environmental health. At Chishakwe, in the Save Valley Conservancy, we are privileged to have several species of frogs in residence as well as some species of toad. The main physical difference between the two is in their differing skins. Frogs spend most of their time in water and have smooth, damp feeling skin and toads spend more time on land and have bumpy dry feeling skin.

Since the 1980's frog numbers have been declining and some species have even become extinct. Due to frogs status as environmental indicators this is a worrying trend, and not only for frogs!

In fact, we are jumping the gun a little by celebrating frogs today, as there are already two official days to celebrate and raise awareness of frog conservation. World Frog Day is on the 20th of March every year and the 16th annual Save the Frogs Day is on the 28th of April this year.

Remember Save The Frogs Day on 28th April this year

World Frog Day is celebrated on March 20th

We encourage you to spread the word and to look on the World Frog Day web page to see what events are planned and how you can contribute and on the Save the Frogs website, for some ideas on how you make your immediate surrounds a friendlier place for our amphibian friends and also for details on this years Save the Frog Day . Both are also troves of fascinating frog information and pictures.

Since you have a whole extra day in your year this year why not spend a little time learning more about our froggy friends and seeing if there is any way you can help with efforts to conserve them.

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