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An Unexpected Easter Celebration on Safari in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe

The secret of any good game drive is not how many animals you see, or what animals they are. The real thrill is setting off with every hope, but having no idea what you might be surprised by. Often, what enchants you is not a member of the Big 5, but something quite else ... a bird building a nest or a glossy beetle going about its business.

A visit to Chishakwe is a similar experience. You just never know what you might find, but it is hardly ever what you were expecting. This is particularly the case when it comes to high days and holidays which are particularly beloved at Chishakwe. (Word to the wise: if you have a special occasion you want to celebrate in the African bush, Chishakwe is an excellent place to book).

When on an Easter time Safari in Zimbabwe, A Big Fat Greek Easter Lunch celebration is probably not what you would expect. A tastefully wrapped little Easter egg on the breakfast table or a subtly decorated chocolate cake for tea is probably more the norm ... and then it is back to the safari norm of khaki shirts, binoculars and bird books. But not at Chishakwe ....

Instead you are faced with a full on, decadent, table groaning, Greek lunch which will last most of the afternoon if you do it right, and is more likely to be followed by a siesta than a game drive. The handmade decorations that bedeck the tables are rebelliously tied to the traditional Northern hemisphere spring theme. Somehow all the reaffirming testaments to life, though not traditional in the bush, fit right in! Why Greek? Why not? The food is delicious!

If you are after a creative and abundant way to celebrate Easter while on safari in Zimbabwe, one which very much involves cocktails, loads of food and chocolate .... while at the same time enjoying a spot of fishing and the occasional elephant (or something more discreet but just as wonderful) sighting ... then Chishakwe' s Big Fat Easter Lunch is likely to be right up your alley.

An elephant at a waterhole, Chishakwe Safaris, Save Valley Conservancy, South East Lowveld, Zimbabwe

Just one word of caution though, if you are travelling with little people who are hoping to spot the Easter bunny, you might be disappointed. The wild terrain and carnivorous inhabitants of Chishakwe make it a very dangerous trip for the bunny. So, instead, he sends his good friend, the Easter Aardvark, who works exclusively at Chishakwe, to do his deliveries for him. 😉

A drawing of the Easter Aardvark, helper and friend to the Easter Bunny, Chishakwe Safaris, Save Valley Conservancy, South East Lowveld, Zimbabwe

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